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When will Nareware be available to purchase?

We anticipate launching our kickstarter campaign in Q3 of 2018 which will include Nareware at a discounted rate for early contributors. Individuals interested in staying up to date with our campaign should sign up to our email list.

Where can I get it?

While Nareware is not yet available for purchase, individuals interested in obtaining it as soon as possible can join our mailing list for updates about our upcoming kickstarter campaign and product launch. Individuals may also apply to get involved in our ongoing clinical trial by expressing interest through our website.

Will Nareware get lost in my nose?

It is impossible for Nareware to travel further back into one’s nose due to the anatomical features of the nose and the design of the device. Nareware is always easily removable by the user.

Will Nareware fall out of my nose?

Nareware seats firmly in the nose due to its anatomical design, and remains firmly in place even while sneezing and nose blowing.

How does Nareware compare to other nasal breathing aids on the market?

Nareware is uniquely designed with complex nasal anatomy in mind. Therefore is is the most effective nasal dilator on the market. In addition, our patent pending technology allows Nareware to comfortable seat inside the nose making it the only completely invisible nasal dilator on the market, making it suitable for everyday wear.